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I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message and find that my blog had been nominated for an award. I would like to thank Kay at His Perfect Timing for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out her inspirational blog. Her posts are so uplifting and encouraging. She talks about everything from book and movie reviews to healthy living and more.

Thank you again Kay at His Perfect Timing for this nomination.

The Rules:

1  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2 Share seven interesting things about yourself.

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1- I’m covertly taken up with life as an adventure constantly learning, growing and evolving. And Writing is a way for me to hear my own psyche and reflect.

2- I can often go out and have hours of fun being the life of the party, but suddenly find that my energy has dropped, and all I really want to do is go home.

3- I find drinking a macchiato with a scone is a cure-all and a sure way to pacify any stress induced event!

4- my motto: Either forgive or forget

5- I’m strong enough to be gentle

6- I believe the most amazing place you will ever be in your life is where you’re at right now.

7- understanding begins, but does not end, with the act of perception

Seven Blogs I am nominating for this award


Celebrating Life & the Cryptic Caveat of Death

Death is a great teacher… life is its student …living aware in the moment its lesson. 

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Community Pool

Hi everyone! My name is Nora and I started into my first experience with blogging a few months ago.
I welcome e you to check out my posts as well as the rest of my blog.
If you enjoy my posts, please feel free to comment or follow. I’m eager to follow some great blogs as well.
Thank you for your time
Best, nora @ Radical Honesty

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cropped-screen-shot-2017-05-25-at-4-27-01-pm1.pngSome people sit around waiting for “serendipity” to strike. But let's strive to be different. Let's create our own opportunities and actively seek out what we know we want.
There comes a time in life when we learn that principles such as hard work, honesty, kindness and integrity are not the outdated ideals of a bygone era, but the mortar that holds together the foundation upon which we must build a life.
All the while trying to achieve our goals- a fundamental aspect of life.
Through lessons and experiences, we learn, grow and evolve to the amazing human beings we know we can be.
One things for sure, change is the only law in the universe, and the only way to deal with it is to embrace it with open arms.
Of course there's insecurities. Doesn't everyone have them?
The rule is we must refuse to let them control our lives.

We learn that we don’t know everything, and we are not entitled to our opinion only our informed opinion (after all no one is entitled to be ignorant, right?)
We learn, it’s not our job to save the world and that we can’t teach a pig to sing. We learn the only cross to bear is the one we choose to carry and that martyrs get burned at the stake.

We realize we only get life once and that ‘alone’ does not mean lonely.
We learn to embrace it fully.

So we learn to take more time to rest. To travel. To just sit and inhale and ponder the moment. To know it's happiness when we are happy in that moment. And, just as food fuels the body, laughter fuels the soul. So you take more time to laugh and to play.
Then we learn about love. We learn to look at relationships and friendships as they really are and not as we would have them be.
We get hurt and we ache and we reminisce the memories but we love nonetheless and learn to never demand, never assume and never expect.
We learn to simply accept.

So Suck it up buttercup! If you keep waiting for serendipity to strike you'll never be at the right place, or the right time or the right situation, all you’ll find is yourself waiting on your deathbed with a list of regrets about things you never did.

So live, love, laugh and this thing called serendipity—the process of "stumbling" toward discovery is an illusion for those waiting for the big-win.
There's no accidental stumbling.
Dahling, you gotta go out and "claim" your own luck!

Honey, that's just life!

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Turning 48- An Ordinary Day Sprinkled with Stardust

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Turning 48- An Ordinary Day Sprinkled with Stardust

I recently turned 48. Did I just admit that? I demand a recount!

Yes, I’m truly grateful to add one more summer to the total summers of my life…blah, blah, blah!!

I’ve got to tell you, this annual open tab on the years of our lives just shockingly lurks on us, strikes us with a bullwhip into a double whammy and we are jolted into a rude awakening with a whisper that says “hey you… the busy years just passed you and you didn’t even realize it”.

“Excuse me for being bold, but if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?” asked a lady at a seminar I was attending last week. She was trying, desperately, to place the decade I was born.  After stumbling for what seemed forever, I finally succumbed, “I will be 48 in a few days”.

Why, oh why was it so difficult for me to admit it?  Was it possibly because on the inside I felt closer to 25ish and reality dictated otherwise?

 I look in the bathroom mirror above the sink, I see my sudden aging.  I see it on my facial features one by one.  I specially notice the creases in my forehead and around my eyes. And yet to my full shock and horror, I’m not dismayed, saddened or resigned.  No, instead I feel a certain sort of interest.  No beauty on earth lasts forever except the beauty that comes from the inner journey of love.

Cheesy right? And yet what can I tell you about this newfound profoundness! I swear it’s this aging thing!

Last night, at a dinner party, my closest friends and I along with our husbands ruminated on this aging phenomena.  As the women were nostalgic about our lost youth, the men were exceedingly, and it seemed rather pleasantly, entertained by our agitation.

They were quite candid that wrinkles bother women more than they do men. (Hmmmm…Interesting I thought…Do continue….) In fact, more guys find a few lines on a woman’s face extremely attractive.  (Deliciously compelling….)

I happily succumbed to their alluring notion. Those meticulous wrinkles are the etchings of our experience, maturity and the wisdom  we’ve sporadically acquired throughout the years to help us become the women we are today!

It certainly hasn’t been easy but as I’ve had to accept the things that are changing and unpredictable, I’ve learned that every journey is a journey within.   And to me, that surpasses all the physical beauty and fallacy of youth.

But then, on the one hand, I’m getting older (a forbidden word here in Los Angeles- where plastic surgery, Hollywood and a youth-envy are intermutual and equally cherished). On the other hand, my journey within starts. 

On the one hand, I can still party as though I were still in my 20’s.  On the other hand, my joys with solitude have begun (very non-LA!). 

I can honestly say I appreciate the benefits of occasionally being alone.  It increases my creativity, productivity and leads me to a better mental health. I just need to keep that incessant chatter in my head at bay!!!!

I realize I’ve survived so much and thank God, have always been able to blend right back in (extensively an LA-thing!).

Do I sound Confused? Ok, maybe just a little. But let me clarify it by quoting Voltaire.  He put it well when he wrote, “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living it well.”

So far so good Monsieur Voltaire…  I’m feeling witty and enlightened I deduct, as I shove the last piece of chocolate into my mouth before my conscious has time to catch up with my greed!!

Isn’t it true, after all, how we play our role is the great test of our character?   And that, I believe, is how we defeat aging….(and by eating chocolote!)

I love that I’m getting older.  I’m not going to battle against it.  I mean, let’s be honest, what’s the alternative?

So instead of infinite agony shivering down my spine and washing over me like a sudden wave of sadness and anxiety,  I rather enjoy the beauty of a few distinguished lines towards knowledge, virtue, kindness and divine intuition.  I’ve earned my stripes!

There’s an entire landscape of the other side of youth that has more depth and meaning.  It has to do with our attitude.  It has to do with being conscious and authentic, listening to others with a caring heart, having persona, presence and confidence.  It’s about accepting who we are and celebrating it.

Age is only a number and part of life’s little ironies!   I will not stop feeling young at heart and I will continue to live life with the idealism of youth and the experience and clarity of age. And time will continue to feel limitless and making sense of the world will continue to be effortless. 

More than ever, now, I continue to marvel at God’s love and have faith in the universe. I find myself rethinking family, life, spirituality, and Love.

“Love is the water of life and A life without love is of no account” (Rumi). Love has no definitions and no labels. It is pure and simple.  It is that whispering voice that has helped me to climb to the summit of the proverbial mountain and count my blessings with every challenge and blister of life.

So for my 48th birthday, I’ve decided to get myself a gift.  The gift of feeling every age as I live it and finding beauty as it is now in my present age. 

And so I’ve decided from this day forth that I DON’T have birthdays… I LEVEL UP!… In matters of the mind, the heart and the soul! ( and ok the years as well!!!!!)

But I’ve promised myself this one thing (ok 3 things!)

I will LIVE life fiercely, LOVE passionately and LAUGH profusely!

I will continue to find joy and a life of meaning and satisfaction even in the midst of suffering.

I don’t know from day to day whether I’ll be alive or not but I know that I’m alive today and made stronger than yesterday.  As long as I’m breathing and above  ground, I will continue to grow, learn, improve and LOVE.

And I know that wherever I go in life, I’ll go with dignity. It’ll be apparent through the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I treat others, and yes, the way I dress and display myself.

And I realize, everything is a life lesson.  Everyone we meet, everything we encounter. They’re all part of the learning experience we call ‘life.’ Let’s remember to never forget to acknowledge the lesson, especially when things don’t go our way.  And the lesson just learned is the first step towards mindfully living life.

So as I embrace 48, it’s clear to me that those who improve with age embrace personal growth and replace the vanity of youth with wisdom, and innocence with understanding, all the while maintaining creativity and talent without losing an ounce of hope and enthusiasm they bring to their life and the life of those they love.

And I will celebrate  life, family and friends as though there’s no tomorrow….all those who want to be a part of my life are welcomed… And those who don’t… Well, that’s fine as well. Because no matter how I look at it, some things just won’t ever make sense!

So my dear friends, I now declare birthdays as Level Up Days….

All those in favor say “I”…..

Honey, that’s just life!

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Kindness Matters

The heart feels, the soul bleeds; The heart mends, the soul grows

I once heard wit is an intermittent fountain, Kindness a perennial spring. It's true. 
Kindness is enduring whereas wit is sporadic. 


You don't need higher education to earn a degree in it-

You don't need money to possess it-

You don't need status to claim it-

You don't need connections to achieve it-

You need not travel the world to find it-

You need only travel the inner journey of love to inherit it. 
It's the easiest entity to possess and said to be the highest form of wisdom. 
Then why is it very few know its secrets?

Is there more malice and sadness than love in the hearts of all wits who've chose to replace their heart with a stone?

And at the end of the day, Kindness helps not only others but yourself as well. It unites us all.

I could never tolerate the feeling that I made someones day worse. I remember In middle school, eighth grade precisely, when Alegna, a girl 2-3 years my senior intentionally pulled the chair from underneath me as I was  about to sit. I was wearing a skirt and I sat on air instead of a chair in front of what seemed 20-30 boys and girls in the same age group. 

I was humiliated, mortified, red-faced and crushed as I heard bursts of laughter as Alegna further pointed me out with hysterical shrieking and guffaws.  

Drunk on my pain doesn't elevate your gain. 

I frantically got up with a throbbing ache in my tailbone and wrist from the pressure of the backward fall. With tears welling up in my eyes waiting like a pregnant cloud ready to explode, I gathered what little dignity I had as a benevolent young girl named Pauline raised me up and scurried me away from the malevolent eagle-eyed glares.  As I got up I could see the calculating malice in her narrowed eyes. She was giddy with joy. 

It amazes me how different people can be when it comes to personal morality. 
Although the stunt bitterly hurt ( both physically and emotionally not to even mention my bruised ego) I couldn’t even be mean back to her. 

Sometimes you need a kind heart just to help you mature and develop. Alegna lacked this back then. I see her now in different gatherings and social events. She's a very beautiful, accomplished socialite.   I sincerely hope she's been able to accomplish that selfless purity and kindness in her heart as an adult. 

I think I’ve always felt bad for people such as her and others who needed to be mean to feel good.

I'll never fully understand why Alegna separated and chose me for her mean-spiritedness and why my embarrassment was such an immense entertainment and joy for her. 

Joubert said it wisely, "There are some men who are witty when they are in a bad humor, and others only when they are sad". Perhaps she was both. I'll never know. And it doesn't matter. What matters is she taught me a lesson. She taught me exactly who I don't want to be. 

Why limit human kindness? 

As I grew older and wiser, I convinced myself that perhaps Alegna needed to feel the center of her existence at that moment. even as she was innately misguided to shove my need aside and have her personal fulfillment come before morality and right-doing. 

Unfortunately, people fail to discern that all their words and actions define their reality and the world they live in. 
And yet, everything in life is a lesson and an experience. And life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. What seems nasty, painful, or evil can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. I decided to have an open mind and learned kindness from the unkind!

As Mahatma Ghandi said "Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances".   As I reflect on this quote, I hope that that girl from long ago has found peace from within. I know I have. 
So folks, kindness matters-

Today, have a pleasant disposition and give one of your kind words or a smile. 

Today, be someone a little nicer. 

Today, listen with a caring heart. 

Today, bend the truth, if you must, to be kind. 

Today, be a paragon of virtue and ethics. 

Today, decide to let your faces be imprinted on the hearts of those who are kind to you like a blessing.

I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is entertaining. 

It's that simple. 

How wise must one be to always be kind!

Honey, that's just life!

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I Die a Little Inside only to be Reborn

patkOften I ask myself the fleeting question: Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Sometimes I feel I throw myself into these routines that have no ending in sight, just an ever-spinning mouse-wheel of monotony.  Sometimes I childishly wish to be lost in an intense verdant green paddy field, lush forest, or in the streaming waters of natural hot springs, tucked among fragrant cedars.

Other times, I want to swim in an endless ocean without a shore and hear the currents talk in riddles, each wave a word a secret said, fulfilling my desire for adventure.

Sometimes, I forget to count my blessings and I feel as though my seemingly stagnant lifestyle bores me and makes me lose sight of one of life’s most precious gifts: Curiosity and living life….truly living it alive.  Please understand I’m not wallowing in self-pity.  I’m just recognizing a despondent situation and wanting desperately to understand and accept it.  Submit to it.

Sometimes I ponder life’s mysteries and lose sight of its meaning and feel I’m dying a little inside.  I’m not being negative. Oh no, actually, I just feel I should simply submit to life.  And by submission I don’t mean become passive or weak.  I mean to submit to the essence of life.  A life filled with tranquility and peace.  I think self-revelation is not for the squeamish and continue to ponder…..

My voice swindles under the weight of what I’m about to say.  But here it goes-

I die a little inside when I see the agony and suffering of a mother who is bereaved of her child,  a friend who is robbed of his soul brother’s young life, a dear friend battling a ruthless disease, of  large groups of  wonderful human beings dealing with the injustice of discrimination,  and of helpless children being born into  poverty, hunger and violence.

I die a little inside when I silence my right to express my despondency.

I die a little inside when I let fear of scrutiny paralyze my creativity.

I die a little inside when I neglect my feelings and intuition.

I mourn a little inside when I forget my significance in the great tapestry of life.

I mourn a little inside when I tame my passion and fire.

I mourn a little inside when I conform and my uniqueness is trapped in a tornado of pleasing the social norms.

I suffer a little inside when I don’t trust my inner voice, my instinct, my inspiration.

I suffer a little inside when I’m on auto pilot and unmindful of my meaningful journey.

I suffer a little inside when my cellular, spiritual divine and ethereal vision is blinded and chained.

And yet from the dying, mourning and suffering comes a rebirth, a happiness, a healing as if my true self was waiting….waiting to reveal the role I have chosen to unleash the treasures in my soul.

I imagine the universe is under no obligation to conform to my expectations.  It is what it is wether I exist or not.  I realize, as a daughter of Prophet Abraham, my life is littered with over 5,000 years of myth, superstition and dogma.  I can’t confuse the truth of my reality and the meaning for my life with what society dictates.  I can only respect my ancestors and their destinies.  I can only be wise enough to understand that we only take our stories with us and we owe it to our ancestors and ourselves to respect and learn from these stories.

And so my restoration through the pain is revealed to me one day as I stand spellbound by the azure  ocean in front of me.

And I realize the most gratifying pleasures in life are free and available to everyone.

A smile

A compliment

A hug

A kind gesture

A prayer or blessing…..

As the blue liquid lips of the ocean kiss the golden sand, a white blanket of froth forming as the tide gradually approaches the shore, the sound of the tranquil waves lapping on the beach, with a slight splashing wave that sounds like bubbles fizzing and as the amber lukewarm sun glistens elegantly in the sky a dozen colors of crimson, I look into the boundless ocean and get a glimpse into infinity.

I humbly kneel before the oceans’ vastness and am truly awe-stricken by its freedom.

And I pray. I pray to God or to the creator, higher supreme light,  Almighty, Infinite Spirit, Hashem, Yahweh, Father, Allah, Holy Spirit, or any other hundreds of name god has…. Truth is, I prayed to the Divine Almighty – the religionless Universal life force….the sustenance and keeper of all souls.

It is then I discover the meaning of life.  It’s not to look for answers to the countless questions unresolved in my heart.  It is simply experiencing everything and seeing them as the lessons they are.  I need to live the questions.  And perhaps gradually, without noticing it, I will find myself experiencing the answers.  Submission….accept the rose with the thorn.

Basically at the bottom of life, which seduces us all, is to be truly free and alive.  We heal when we become conscious that our time is limited. Think about it, we all go out of this world just like a candle flame.

We never know when we may die.  We may take our last breath today or we may die every single day while we are still alive.  In the end, life is only about kindness, giving love and getting love, depositing in the bank account of loved ones and cherishing the wonderful times we share with family, friends and friends who become family.

Honey, That’s Just Life!

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