Forgiveness: Reaching out to the Denied Pieces of Ourselves

What is Forgiveness?

In looking at why the choice to forgive is such an important one, I hear the voice of a wise friend with the heart of the Buddha, offering me a taste of what true forgiveness can give the world.

“By exploring the art of forgiveness, you are giving yourself the tools to be reborn. Why do you want to hold on to the negative emotions, resentment, anger, and sadness? Why do you want to store this energy as a block in your body?”….

Wise words indeed….enough to make one pensive and want to dive into the forgiveness modus operandi exploration!

And indeed, why not chose to create a space for renewal and a life free from the bondage to the past?

Transgressions made…..

A hurt is a hurt.  And sometimes undertaking forgiveness can be an incredibly difficult task but it’s the ultimate measure of internal peace. 

To err is human, to forgive divine” ~Alexander pope

Sometimes angels, disguised as a friend or foe, take the role of a transgressor to help us with our unique human experience to undergo the discernment, lesson and wisdom our soul needs to evolve.

These people are a gift. 

Learn the lessons, gain the experience, evolve.

Easy enough, right? 

Absolutely not, as we don’t know they are disguised angels having taken on the immense responsibility for our growth.

So I keep quiet in my heart as my friend’s words begin to resonate deeply and what seems like a reset button is set inside my psyche.

My thoughts come fast and furious…..

We learn from a very young age what is acceptable and what is not.  We’ve learned that fear and anger are not suitable to express.  And when we do feel them, we most likely create negative beliefs about our self-esteem.  We keep ourselves constantly busy so we never have to face these parts of ourselves.  The more deeply we run away from this truth, the more desperately we are trapped in our shadows.  The more deeply we are trapped in our shadows, the more difficult to forgive ourselves and any transgressions made.

How do we move past this gateway?

How do we reset and allow things from the past to close out and prepare for new beginnings?

I first had to surrender to my experience of life and acknowledge my emotion in order to confirm my fundamental worthiness. 

Many of us think Forgiveness involves trying to let go of the past….We often say, I’ll let bygones be bygones, whilst holding on to the idea that we’ve been wronged by another person.

When we try this kind of forgiveness, we often feel two desires in direct opposition. We don’t like feeling angry or resentful and want to only feel love but we also hold on deeply to the hurt….we were wronged, lied to, and hurt in some way.

This way of forgiveness, I found, maintains that we are victims. What we need is a different fundamental forgiveness.

What is this kind of forgiveness?  It’s the kind that connects us to all of life.  It’s about attracting others to proverbially “act out” and help us work through our core attachments and false identifications.  In this way, we can truly understand and be grateful knowing that everything that happens to us is entirely purposeful and intended for our growth.  We can heal past wounds.  We can ascend and see our soul’s purpose.  We can see alignment to our true path. We can feel the power of peace knowing we can chose peace instead of resistance. 

Fundamental forgiveness shows us that anger, victimization, resentment, fear and unworthiness are often calling us to see the connectedness of life instead of separation.

We often get the same lesson again and again.  Nothing happens haphazardly.  Once we open our mind and heart and resolve the issue at the core, we are healed.

In truth, when we become upset with another person or situation, it’s only because it resonates with a part of ourselves we’ve denied or judged. 

The most difficult people or situations end up being the greatest teachers.

I personally thank all those angels whom took it upon themselves to help me look within, change my consciousness and learn the experiences I needed to acknowledge the energy for perfect wellness and for my ultimate growth.

Take a moment now, see how you feel. Take a few deep breaths and tune in to non-judgement, acceptance, love and forgiveness.   Any judgement is self-judgement. Any criticism is self-criticism.  Extend to yourself an unconditional love and be the light. With every breath, release judgement.  With every breath, make room for joy and for wealth of new experiences.  With every breath, forgive.  With every breath release what no longer serves you.

Honey, that’s just life!

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6 thoughts on “Forgiveness: Reaching out to the Denied Pieces of Ourselves

  1. As always I didn’t want to stop reading! Very eye opening and makes you look at forgiveness in a deeper more profound perspective. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing with us

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